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Building Your Dream Studio with Already Been Chewed's Barton Damer

Already Been Chewed's Barton Damer talks skateboarding, art direction, and building his dream studio.

Endgame, Black Panther, and Future Consulting with Perception's John LePore

Marvel Movies and Future Consulting - Perception's John LePore is on the podcast!

The Overlord of After Effects Tools: A chat with Adam Plouff

Adam Plouff is the creator of the über popular Overlord, Rubberhose, and AEUX tools for After Effects.

To Buck and Beyond: A Joe Donaldson Interview

Joe Donaldson talks work, life and mid-20's career success on today's podcast.

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The History of VFX: A Chat with Red Giant CCO, Stu Maschwitz

Legendary Hollywood VFX artist and Red Giant CCO Stu Maschwitz hops on the podcast to chat about his epic career in the VFX industry.

Podcast: From MK12 to the Spider-Verse, a Chat With James Ramirez

In this podcast interview, James Ramirez of MK12 chats about his career evolution from a small Texas town to Spiderman titles in Hollywood.

The Year In Review: 2019

Motion Graphics Greats Joey Korenman, EJ Hassenfratz and Ryan Summers on the Highlights of 2019 and What to Expect in 2020

Allen Laseter, Esteemed Animator, Illustrator and Director, on the School of Motion Podcast

Allen Laseter Talks Productivity, Passion Projects, People Management, Motion Design, Direction, and Developing Your Own Style

Expression Session: Course Instructors Zack Lovatt and Nol Honig on the SOM Podcast

MoGraph Veterans Zack Lovatt and Nol Honig Talk Making It in Motion Design, Expressions in After Effects, and their New SOM Course Expressio

VFX for Motion: Course Instructor Mark Christiansen on the SOM Podcast

Industry Icon Mark Christiansen Talks Video Games, Movies, Compositing in After Effects, and His New School of Motion Course

Controversy and Creativity with Will Johnson, Gentleman Scholar, on the SOM Podcast

Creative Innovator Will Johnson on Gentleman Scholar and the World of Motion Design

Liz Blazer, Celebrity Deathmatch Animator, Author and Educator, on the SOM Podcast

Famed filmmaker, art director, designer, animator and educator Liz Blazer talks compelling storytelling, animation, motion design, and more