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Meet the New SOM Community Team

School of Motion is investing in our community, and we're bringing in an incredible team to help us out!

After EffectsCinema 4D
Motion Design in Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine cannot be ignored, and we're pumped to show you just what it can bring to the world of motion design.

After Effects
What Makes a Cinematic Shot: A Lesson for Motion Designers

What makes a shot "cinematic," and how can you use those lessons to improve your animations?

The Galvanized Globetrotter: Freelance Designer Jiaqi Wang

Meet an artist whose journey spans the entire world. Jiaqi Wang has already done incredible work, and she's just getting started.

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Our Favorite Stop-Motion Animated Films...and Why They Blew Us Away

Stop Motion Animation is a time-consuming craft that delivers jaw-dropping visuals, and here are some of our favorites.

After EffectsPhotoshopIllustrator
What Are Animatics, and Why Are They Important?

It's fun to just jump into a project, but using animatics will save you time and frustration, and set you up for a better finished product!

Cinema 4DAfter Effects
Quadruped Anatomy for Animators

Learn the ins and outs of rigging a variety of quadrupeds in After Effects and Cinema 4D!

Freelance Advice with Leigh Williamson

Going freelance can be a nerve-wracking decision. That's why we're asking a panel of incredibly talented freelancers for their tips.

Freelance Advice with Hayley Akins

Hear war stories from the world of freelance, and get ready for our big panel this week!

Finding Your Voice: Cat Solen, Creator of Adult Swim's "Shivering Truth"

As an artist, how do you find your voice and define your style? We talked with the creator of Adult Swim's Shivering truth, Cat Solen.

After EffectsPhotoshopPremiere Pro
Forward Motion: Our Commitment to the Community Never Ends

Colorful shapes surround #forwardmotion hashtag

Freelance Advice with Jordan Bergren

What do you need to be a successful freelancer? Ask Jordan Bergren!