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A Quick Guide to Photoshop Menus - Edit

Expand your knowledge of Photoshop's Edit menu, and the secret goodies within.

Premiere Pro
Quick Tips and Tricks for Adobe Premiere Pro

If you want to edit footage like a pro, you need to use the right tools for the job.

A Quick Guide to Photoshop Menus - File

Photoshop is the industry's most popular design program, but how well do you really know it?

We Need to Talk About NFTs with School of Motion

Crypto art exploded into our industry...but is the bubble set to burst?

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Mogrt Madness is on!

We're partnering with Adobe to create some incredible new projects just for you.

Now That's What I Call Motion 21

We've collected the best musical hits of the motion design world in one amazing collection!

After Effects
Everything About Expressions You Didn't Know...Part Chamesh: Interpolate This

We're finishing up our look at the Expression Menu with some heavy hitters, so check it out!

Cinema 4DAfter Effects
Dream Therapy for the Desperate

How did the artists behind Dream Corp LLC create stunning visuals with limited time and resources?

From Concept to Reality with Max Keane

Sometimes you get a great idea and you can't let go...but what do you do next?

After Effects
Everything About Expressions You Didn't Know...Part Quatro: Going Global

It's time to go global and learn how to link animations, scale objects, and create a personalized expression library.

Why Do Our Courses Cost so Much?

There are a number of options to learn the skills of a motion why do our courses cost this much?

Cinema 4DAfter EffectsPhotoshopPremiere Pro
New Looks with LUTs

LUTs give you a one-click color-correction preset that can be pretty powerful and complex, so let's see what they can do!