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Motion Graphic Artist

  • Design / Animation
  • Created on: 03/08/2019
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Job Overview

Red Rocks Church is in search of a talented Motion Graphic Designer to be part of its internal creative department servicing our central team. The Motion Graphic Designer will be responsible for creating complex animated graphics and infographics, kinetic typography and video pre/post production. He/she will work with a team of other artists and designers that will support the weekend experience and the ministries within our church. The position works closely with the Creative Director, Design Director and the Production Coordinator, as well as with employees within all of the church campuses for certain projects. The Motion Graphic Designer will receive constant feedback during projects and requests.

Additional Info

  • Location
    Denver, Colorado
  • Experience Level
  • Preferred Skill Set
    Adobe Illustrator
    Adobe Photoshop
    Adobe Premiere
    Adobe After Effects
    Creative Direction
  • Job Type
    Full time