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Design 101: Using Value Structure

By Mike Frederick

Learn how to choose colors more intelligently by understanding the concept of Value in color theory.

The hardest thing about being a Motion Designer is often the design part. And, one of the most common questions we get is, "How do you choose the right colors for your designs?" Unfortunately, there isn't a silver bullet answer to that question, but today we'll be teaching you something that's pretty close.
Picking colors doesn't have to be so hard!
In this tutorial, Design Bootcamp instructor (and Emmy award winner) Mike Frederick will give you the skinny on Value, a component of color theory that will instantly upgrade your work once you understand it. There are also plenty of Photoshop tips in this one.
Put on your fancy design cap.

Design 101: Using Value Structure

​​Download the Project Files & Assets

Grab Mike's before & after Photoshop files so that you can follow along or practice on your own after watching the lesson. Tutorials are great, but actually doing the thing will improve your skills faster than anything else.

Download Mike's Photoshop files from this video for free!

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​​What are you going to learn in this tutorial?

Design is an endlessly deep well, but in this lesson you'll start to get a handle on some basic color theory. You'll learn how to apply Value to your work in a very practical way. You'll learn some theory, but you'll also see that theory put to use in Photoshop.

What is Value?

Boring word, awesome concept. Value is the brightness of a color, and it's probably the most important component when it comes to creating contrast in your work.

How does color relate to Value?

Value is just one piece of the color pie. How does it relate to things like warm and cool hues?

Why is Value Structure so important?

Value structure is a game changing idea once you grasp it. Mike's set up some great visuals to help the concept really lang.

How do you use Value in Photoshop?

Enough theory, let's get to it! Mike walks through a simple but very illustrative example of how designers use Value in motion design.

Design the foundation of great work. We'll help you learn it.

Motion Designers often ignore the design part of the equation, focusing more on software techniques and tricks. This is not wise. Design is the foundation of every great piece of work you've ever watched and, more importantly, it can be learned. Check out Design Bootcamp our 12-week interactive learning experience that will teach you the principles of design in a real-world setting.
Our team is standing by to answer any questions you have about this course or any other class in our curriculum. Please let us know if we can help you in any way!